TripleCyber is developing the “TC SOAR for SMB”, a technological cyber security platform for leading partners and service providers, telecom providers, insurers and vendors. This technology was designed and developed to manage and respond to cyber incidents of small and medium-sized businesses (SBM) and small control and IOT environments.


The TripleCyber SOAR Platform technology is based on a unique analysis and correlation engine designed to identify critical cyber threats. This platform aggregates and analyses series of low-profile alerts that would have been ignored by other technologies, on Big Data analysis including meta-data from variety of customers and on a deep understanding and analysis of the different phases of the attack process, reconnaissance and information gathering, exploitation and penetration, command & control, and data extraction. Newly identified threats are integrated in the detection and prevention machines for immediate mitigation.

Under those circumstances, TripleCyber is leveraging the experience gained from other customer attacks to share security intelligence.

The SOAR performs correlative analysis of suspicious events and processes, that collected from all customer’s cyber security devices and decide on the appropriate cyber defense plan.  The plan is sent in real time to the cyber security devices installed in the customer’s computer systems, preventing serious cyber damage, namely files encryption, confidential information leaking and unsanctioned audio monitoring of the client’s premises.


Cloud solutions and service providers offer high quality solutions, TripleCyber “SOAR for SMB” is the cyber threat management, detection and response layer positioned above the cloud and the service provider’s solution. The control and IoT solutions vendors provide products that improve our quality of life, but those products also need a layer of cyber event management in view of the growing number of cyber threats targeting IoT devices and control systems. In light of the high distribution rate of IOT devices the TripleCyber SOAR platform is highly required.