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TripleCyber’s unique solution is based on secured architecture and incorporate strict standards while continuously protecting IT assets. The solution includes intelligent analysis of security events generated by all IT systems in the organization, including mobile devices.

TripleCyber’s Tier-2 SOC aggregates security events from Tier-1 sites and external sources and sensors. A professional team of security experts then uses unique correlation & analysis engine (developed by TripleCyber-Labs) to analyze data, detect attack patterns and provide predictive cyber defense abilities.

SOC & Cloud Analytics center

Outsourced service to analyze all security events generated in your organization’s network

Superior analysis – a powerful external analytics & correlation engine that can alert on security threats based on patterns detected in other organizations worldwide

Outcome – real-time image of all cyber threats in your organizations’ network

Dynamically collected from the network

Intelligent analyses based on events collected from all Tc s.o.a.r clients

Incorporates cyber intelligence from global sources and sensors

Response to cybers attacks

Managed Services

Global Activities