Nadav Tavor, CEO & co-Founder

Mr. Tavor a former Communications Technology expert and Cyber security team leader with the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel. He is a well acknowledged Cyber Security expert & an Organizational information security and cyber defense policy expert

Yaacov Haran, co-Founder

Mr. Haran Served in the IDF as Commander of Communications and Head of Operational Technologies. He possesses a rich and multi-faceted experience in planning, initiating and executing complex development projects in mobile telephony, internet, services over satellite, telecom and LAN/WAN networks

Mark Luchter, CTO

Mr. Luchter is in possession of a 28-year long experience in service and infrastructure management in global companies. He has proven managerial and communication skills in dynamic global environments, deep professional knowledge in various IT Infrastructure and security areas.

Eran Fischer, Business Development Manager

(M.A. in Public Policy ) Extensive experience in  communications companies, leading processes of collaborations and sales