of the company's services

Counseling for cyber-attack readiness

TripleCyber performs analyses of companies’ cybersecurity vulnerabilities and creates a comprehensive work plan for an extensive cyber defense response

This includes:

Cyber Threat and Risk Assessment

The most effective tool for assessment of cyber-attack readiness of companies and organizations, including a detailed recommendations document.

Adjustments to Regulations – hazardous substances and supply chain

With the rapid advance of global and domestic regulatory compliance and standardization, companies are required to comply with increasingly stringent cyber-compliance regulations. TripleCyber is proficient in the changing regulations and experienced in adjusting and improving all types of work plans to meet regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Work Plan

Building and assimilation of an extensive cybersecurity work plan, in cooperation with data and cybersecurity departments, including updating cybersecurity policies, improving security methods, implementing technologies, and more.

CISO as a Service

Managed Security Service. A customized services package created by TripleCyber, according to the extent of your company's threats, through which TripleCyber operates as an outsourced cybersecurity unit for your business.

Penetration Testing (PT)

Multiple types of tests performed to improve defense, including, smartphones, external and internal intrusions, weaknesses and more.

Employee Training

Professional training for data and cybersecurity units, senior management and other employees, regarding reducing exposure, preventing damage, and performing regular monitoring of the organization’s cybersecurity position.